From the abundance of wildlife adventures and encounters that are mesmerisingly bold and beautiful, to the welcoming people who embody the rich cultural heritage of this wild land, Africa is a continent that has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

In Africa, travellers can explore wild lands steeped in ancient tribal traditions and mystique. Whether you journey through desert landscapes to meet the locals, head off on safari to encounter elephants, giraffes and big cats in Kenya, explore the Uganda jungles in search of mountain gorillas, or drift down a peaceful delta in Botswana while the sun sets and hippos bathe, Africa offers an immensity of adventurous choices.

The last light of the day has soothing golden and pink hues appearing above the Sabie River, where the deck of Tinga Lodge sits upon the water’s edge. After returning from a big day adventuring in the field, when you are standing there – wildlife in sight, wilderness surrounding you, and a sundowner in hand – you’ll understand why we create the journeys we do. And when you are on the verge of sleep, beneath a million stars and ensconced in a suite that brings together the essence of unique travel, you will know why so many people embark on a life-long love affair with the wonderful continent of Africa.