Terms & Conditions



It is important that you and all members of the travelling party are aware of the following important terms

& conditions as they relate to the bookings held by our office on your behalf.

All reservations have been booked as per the terms & conditions as specified by relevant airlines, cruise lines and travel suppliers involved. Specific details will be supplied on request.



Cove Travel reserves the right to apply an applicable cancellation fee & service charge if you cancel your booking after it has been confirmed and before you use the travel product; this is IN ADDITION to deposits charged by suppliers & fees charged by a third party.

Cove Travel recommends all travellers purchase travel insurance to protect themselves against unforeseen cancellations and emergencies as soon as monies have been paid.



         Please note it is mandatory that names on bookings are identical to the identification document (e.g. passport)

being used at time of travel. Failure to comply may result in severe interruption of planned travel.

Domestic Travel – You will require a valid approved photographic identification to travel domestically.   International Travel – You will require a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months beyond your intended travel dates. Cove Travel requires a clear copy of the BIO-Page of your current passport at the time of initial booking.



The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade highly recommended that you travel with Travel Insurance.

A brochure can be provided for your perusal at your request.  Please ensure that you read PDS relating to your chosen Travel Insurance provider, taking special note of the inclusions and exclusions as they may relate to your particular circumstances. Pre-existing Medical Conditions should be declared and cover for this must be approved by the Insurer.


Please note that you are not covered by insurance for unforeseen cancellation until the insurance policy has been issued.

If you have undertaken to purchase independent travel insurance we require details as follows:


                               Insurance Company:  ______________________________
                               Your Insurance policy number:  ______________________________

                               Insurance provider’s Emergency phone number:  ______________________________



Australian Passport holders require visas to enter some countries. Check with your Travel Advisor at time of booking.



Airlines advise passengers to check-in at least 2 hours prior to departure for international flights, and 1 hour prior for domestic flights. Please ensure you are in the correct terminal from which your flight departs & have your ticket and passport ready for inspection. Possible schedule changes occur from time to time. It is suggested you check with the relevant airline on the day of travel.



Most international airlines have restrictions on electronic devices to be carried and used onboard.

If the device cannot be powered up you may not be permitted to travel with it. Please consider carrying your charging cords with your devices.



You may bring liquids, aerosols and gels in your cabin luggage as long as they do not exceed a maximum volume of 100ml for each item.

There are security restrictions in the United States and Australia/New Zealand on the carriage of certain types of powders into the cabin of an aircraft, limiting maximum volume to 350ml (12oz). Items exceeding stated amounts should be packed into your checked bags. Please note that airport security personnel will confiscate items that do not meet requirements.



All costs quoted are correct time of confirmation; and are subject to change at any time.



The invoiced prices are valid for cash or cheque payment only. All fees related to dishonoured payments will be charged to your account with a processing fee. Cheques should be presented at least 7 days prior to payment due date.


Please note: The following Merchant fees will apply to payments by credit card direct to Cove Travel.

– Visa 1%,  MasterCard 0.87%,  American Express 1.98%

**   Fees may vary according to Bank requirements

**   Please be aware some suppliers will accept payment by credit card without fees; check with your Travel Advisor.


Direct deposits into our bank account are also welcome, details as follows:


BANK: Bank of Queensland

BSB: 124-001

A/C No.: 213-693-48

A/C NAME: Cove Travel P/L

REF: Booking number/Surname


VACCINATIONS:   Please contact a Travel Doctor.



Please check the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade on https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/

for further information and current warnings.



Thank you for allowing cOve travel to assist with your travel arrangements.

Dated: 28 April 2020